Safety Tips

We are committed to the safe travel of all our drivers and passengers.

Please read through these simple safety tips to ensure your own peace of mind.

  1. On your first trip with a new driver, have them pick you up in a public place that is not directly outside of your home.
  2. When posting a journey, don't use your post code if your home can be directly identified from it. Instead, use a street or place name.
  3. Before you get in a car, check that the vehicle matches the description that you’ve been sent.
  4. As we don't have tax discs on display any more, you might request your driver bring their MOT and insurance details on your first journey.
  5. Always tell someone else where you are travelling and the details of your driver or passenger.
  6. Call or text the other party to confirm the journey details and agree a pick-up point. This confirms that you’ve got the correct number for them, and breaks the ice before travelling together.
  7. If you want the driver to bring their insurance and/or driving licence, be sure to let them know before the date of travel.
  8. Check the other party’s feedback, so you can see others’ opinions.
  9. Remember to leave feedback after each journey.
  10. If you have any hesitations, don’t share the lift.